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OUR PRODUCT LINE OF taps includes:
Metric taps
, Inch (ANSI) taps, ACME screw thread taps, Stub ACME taps, Trapezoidal thread taps, Buttress taps, Lowenherz taps, BA taps, BS taps, BP taps, Whitworth thread taps and dies, Pg (for conduit threads) taps, Bicycle thread (FG taps), Knuckle parallel thread (Rd taps), Tire valve thread (Vg taps), Threads for cycles (BSC taps), EDISON threads, Thread forming taps, Hand taps, Spiral fluted taps, Straight fluted, Metric chasers, Landis chasers, Wagner chasers, Taps, Single, Double, Triple and up to 12 Start taps.

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                             HAND TAPS

HAND-straight fluted

THREADS:  normal,  undersized, oversized

Material: HSS, HSSE, PM

Coating: TiN, TiCN, TiAlN

Pitch: 0.25 – 12 mm  & 4 TPI – 80 TPI

Right Hand Thread

Left Hand Thread

METRIC:  single piece or set  (DIN 352, DIN 2181)

M 1.0 – M200.0

M 4.0 – M 95.0


METRIC MJ Profile:  single piece or set (B1.21M)

MJ3.0 – MJ48.0

MJ3.0 – MJ30.0


ANSI(Inch): single piece or set  (B94.9)

#4 – 4”

#4 – 1.3/4”


Pg conduit threads: set (DIN 40432/ISO 529)

Pg 7 – Pg 42



WHITWORTH BSW/BSF: pc. or set (DIN 352/DIN 2181)

BS 1/8” – 2”

BS 1/8” – 2”


WHITWORTH BSP (G): single pc. or set (DIN 5157)

G1/16” – G4”


WHITWORTH BSPP (Rp): single pc. or set (DIN 5157)

Rp 1/16” – Rp 4”

VALVE STEM TAPS (Vg) single pc. (DIN 7756)

Vg5 - Vg12

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